Mazzocato Maple Syrup - 100% PureWhen it came to developing our unique style of Canadian Maple Syrup, We at Mazzocato Maple Farm took a good look around and discovered there was a demand for a premium taste experience. After all, whether it’s for simple pancakes or the most discerning of gourmet recipes, when it comes to flavour, it’s either going to make it undeniably memorable or simply forgettable.

Tapped exclusively from our 100 acre woodlot in the heart of Southern Ontario, Mazzocato Maple Farm honours traditional harvesting techniques with scientific process and diligence, ensuring efficiency in sap collection to processing each drop for the best colour, taste and consistency. Every time.

So whether you prefer the subtle after-taste of our light maple syrup, the smooth flavour of our Medium, the perfect maple goodness of our amber or the robust ‘we have you and ain’t letting go!’ of a premium, extra dark, Mazzocato Maple Syrup has a blend made for the memories… Because that’s what it’s all about.

Mazzocato Maple Syrup – You’re going to love it!

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